Wilshire Group Limited is a privately owned New Zealand company. Wilshire are committed to creating buildings and places that revitalise areas and benefit those that live and work there as well as the wider community.

Wilshire Group has a team of property specialists to acquire and manage projects and partner with the best consultants and contractors to provide the skills and experience to undertake and complete development projects successfully. 

We believe developments are not just about constructing buildings – they are a collaborative process that ensures the finished products are well designed and able to stand the test of time.

As well as progressing the development plans for our current projects, Wilshire Group is actively looking for development opportunities to acquire that align with their long-term growth plan. Wilshire Group is seeking sites with potential for 50 or more homes, within the greater Auckland area and with zoning and servicing that would allow residential development immediately or in the near future. We are also looking to acquire commercial buildings in the CBD and City Fringe.

Our People

  Gary Guernier  Advisory Board Chairman

Gary Guernier
Advisory Board Chairman

  Rob Hutchison  Advisory Board Member

Rob Hutchison
Advisory Board Member

  Leo Li  Managing Director

Leo Li
Managing Director

  Judy Tang (CA)  Finance Manager

Judy Tang (CA)
Finance Manager

  Olivia Walraven  Project Coordinator

Olivia Walraven
Project Coordinator

  Christie Wrightson  Sales & Marketing Manager

Christie Wrightson
Sales & Marketing Manager

  Lino Tan  Project Administrator

Lino Tan
Project Administrator

  Caleb Pearson  Development Manager

Caleb Pearson
Development Manager

  Andrea Padarova   Accountant

Andrea Padarova