15.10.17 - Kids Get a Tour of the New Richmond Housing Development

Panama Road School students were given their own personal tour of the new Richmond terraced housing development.

Eleven Year 5 and 6 students, principal Jane Dold and associate principal Elisabeth Price took the short walk from the school to Richmond where the company that is developing the site, Wilshire, gave the school group a tour.

During a fine break in the weather, Wilshire sales manager Christie Wrightson showed the group around stage one of the terraced housing development, which is almost complete, including a look at the pocket park.

"We invited the school here to show them around Richmond and welcome them into the new community that we’re really proud to be creating," said Ms Wrightson.

"The school has been part of the Mt Wellington since 1960 and, while we are a fairly new addition to the community, we are right on each other’s doorsteps and we think there are plenty of opportunities to support each other in what we’re doing.

"One of Panama Road School’s values is that they see community events as a valuable contribution to the students’ development and we’d love to share in that. We want to foster a positive, long-term relationship with the school, starting with welcoming the students in to play in our pocket parks and make new friends here."

Principal Jane Dold said: "Building relationships and working with one another is important and it’s great that our students can be included in this.

"The more we can work together to create our new community together, the better.

Now that stage one of Richmond is nearing completion, the first families are beginning to move in as stage two begins to get underway.

When completed, Richmond will consist of 600-700 homes.